Digital is no longer just about technology – it’s a new way of thinking.


You need a digital transformation strategy that will engage your customer, and the right systems that will empower your business to survive and flourish in the future.


Hello! I'm Emily Anderson, and Brilliant Brand Kit is a boutique creative digital agency.

Data Overload
You’re inundated with dashboards, KPIs, percentages, and analytics. Rarely do you have the context you need to find the right solution.
Customer Experiences

I share proven methods in building digital experiences: applying a customer-first mindset to design products and services that create business value and drive revenue.

The Right Tools For The Job

I use digital tools that allow me to see users navigate sites in realtime, so that I can give you solutions that will make a difference.

Data Storytelling

I take the guessing out of it and help you test, build, and optimize your site and systems confidently. And finally, all of that qualitative data you have can be help you turn visitors into customers.

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