My Phil + Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Have you ever experienced the emotional claustrophobia caused by having too much stuff? I feel this may be one of the most undiagnosed conditions of modern times. If you can come up with the antidote, you'll make a mint. Then you can buy even more stuff. Just kidding. You probably already know that the most effective defense is practicing self-control–being mindful of how much you acquire in the first place. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all. I know this can be a challenge, especially when it comes to having kids. It's a fact–children grow out of things–quickly. The planned obsolescence trap seems unavoidable with something as simple as a stroller–a standard purchase upon the arrival of your first child. If you decide to have a second child, you need another stroller–unless your older one is able to walk everywhere, and in the city, kids pretty much reach adolescence before they get out of the stroller. My almost five year old still begs to sit. Hey, don't judge. We do a lot of walking every day. I walk four miles (20 New York City Avenue blocks–round trip) just to pick her up from school every day. I bet some of you would want to sit in the stroller too.

So, how did I find a stroller that can adapt with a changing family? When my daughter was born nearly five years ago, after doing a lot of research, we purchased a Phil and Ted's stroller. Phil and Ted's sells single strollers that can turn into a double stroller (note: you do have to buy a "doubles kit"). You can see our Phil and Ted's in action here. Yes, these are expensive strollers. But, they last and they don't become obsolete if you decide to have a second child. I'm still looking for a good option for three children. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Bonus: The company has great customer service–they will replace pretty much any part free of charge. Because of the durability, these strollers really last–which means you can get a great deal if you decide to buy one second hand.  

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